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Episode 6 - Elevator Pitch

Cover - Build Builds Episode 6

Buildiful Sprint Board 2020.10.26

Elevator pitch got its name from the concept that if you had a chance to ride in the same elevator as someone you really wanted to pitch to, you would get about a minute’s time to impress them with your idea.

My latest R&D project has an MVP that can be installed in an elevator. Is it going to help kill two birds with one stone? Probably not. But an “elevator pitch about an elevator product” sure has a nice ring to it.

Since the early onset of the global pandemic, I have started imagining what some of the “new normals” would be, and also what my tech startup can contribute to help.

I envisioned a world where we wouldn’t have to physically touch buttons in our surroundings; a world where we could remotely control everything when we are out and about.

In this episode, I’ll share more about the progression of my ideas, as well as how it relates to an elevator pitch.

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