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Episode 5 - De-cloud Clouds

Cover - Build Builds Episode 5

Buildiful Sprint Board 2020.10.11

Cloud services, particularly 3rd-party ones, have infiltrated so much into our everyday lives.

But there is a problem. A lot of tech firms don’t consider protecting our data privacy and integrity to be their best interest. Worse yet, some exploitative firms would even deliberately collect our personal data just to sell it off for their own gains.

I fervently believe that there is a better way to go forward from here. And I’ve decided to take the initiative to build an ecosystem that supports — what I call — “de-clouding,” or decentralizing clouds.

This sprint will be about the first steps we need to take in order to build an ecosystem of private clouds.

I think a good moniker for the private clouds would be — reservoirs — as in, having your own places to collect and store raindrops fallen from clouds, and then to provide water anywhere else you want.

Other than this main story, we are also putting something on the sprint backlog: The possibility of joining an online elevator pitch competition.

Music is by: Peter Spacey and Macifif on Artlist

Episode cover illustration is by: talhakhalil007 on Pixabay

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