Build builds

Episode 4 - My Prints Charming

In the last few episodes, I’ve interviewed several leaders in the tech space. My guests have offered valuable insights into what it takes to build and grow a successful startup business.

Beginning this episode, I thought I would move on to something a little different.

I’ll share stories of how I navigate not one, not two, but THREE continents to build builds — in hopes to do my part to help make the world a better place.

Snapshots from my journey, so to speak, are not ones that would attract thousands of Instagram likes. And that’s not just because of my minimalistic, digital nomadic lifestyle. I generally believe in spending my time on activities that will move me closer to my goals, and therefore finding me at flashy events would be a rare sight to behold.

What I’m bringing to the table instead, is an authentic account of how I’m time and time again cycling through stages of: 1. Coming up with a new idea; 2. Experimenting on it; 3. Failing; 4. Reflecting; and finally 5. Not giving up hope, bearing in mind why I chose to do what I do in the first place.

And the exciting thing is, the book has not ended yet. I’m currently on a page in the middle of a chapter, where I don’t know what will happen next.

The main through-line that we can count on though, is that I have never stopped building builds. In fact, I am innovating more new inventions now more than ever.

When we come back from a short break, I’ll start with the chapter where I left behind a software engineering career in Silicon Valley and a relatively comfortable life in the city of San Francisco — to reach for the stars.

And also, how I quickly found myself in a pickle, or gherkin in British English.