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Episode 3 - Code Ninjas CEO David Graham Interview

flyer - Build Builds Episode 3

Our guest today is the founder and CEO of Code Ninjas, David Graham. A Code Ninjas center, or Dojo, is what David would have wanted as a kid — a place that’s kind of like a gym for the brain to stretch his mind, and to come up with creative solutions to tackle problems. And most importantly, a place to feel safe and have fun.

After working professionally as a software engineer for close to two decades and having built a successful adult coding school business, David is now building that place where children can call their own. And not just in a single location. David and the Code Ninjas team have grown the brand into a multinational business with centers across the United States, Canada — and most recently — the United Kingdom.

You can always tell when an entrepreneur has put a lot of passion into their business. Every detail, from the Taekwondo-inspired infrastructure to every student’s possible future path, has been so well planned out. In the product world, it’s the equivalent of employing a design principle that prioritizes user experience, putting users first.

But good planning is far from the only ingredient of building a successful business. You’ll have a chance to hear more of David’s expert advice in his interview.

You’ll also get to hear more about David’s journey, Code Ninjas’ journey, as well as the possible scenarios of growing up as an individual ninja.

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